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Care for the Hooves that take you places



A lot rides on the health of a horse's hooves. Their ability to run, compete, jump and interact with humans and other horses alike depends on their hooves being healthy. Some of the factors that affect the condition of your horse's hooves include their nutrition, riding terrain, environment and also genes.

This why you need to ensure that you take good care of your horse and his/her hooves.
Daily Hoof Care Regime
Daily hoof care is much better than waiting a week to clean the hooves. By ensuring that you clean the hooves daily, it makes the job easier and you can watch out for early signs of infection such as thrush. This will also reveal other hoof conditions such as abscess, cracks and punctures.
These simple steps will help keep your horse's hooves healthy

  • Clean hooves thoroughly with a pick and watch out for signs of infection and injury. Redlands hoof dressing is great for dressing hooves.
  • You should then check for sprung or shifted horse shoes.
  • Adding a supplement to your horse's diet can do wonders for their hooves. You may also ask your vet to tailor your horse's diet to suit his/her nutritional needs. Bioderm Forte is an excellent nutritional supplement designed to give your horse the added nutrition it needs to stay healthy.
  • Moisturise hooves using skin treatments or topical conditioners. Just as wet weather and muddy paddocks soften hooves, likewise, hot and dry weather causes hooves to crack and become brittle. Avoid leaving your horse too long in the mud as it could lead to thrush.

Lastly, encourage activity as exercise improves hoof strength, growth and ultimately, health


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