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4 ways to keep mosquitoes away from your horses

Stride Mosquito Repellent


They are a pest to both human and animals; mosquitoes. Besides the itching, the buzzing and general discomfort mosquitoes bring, they also carry malaria. Mosquitoes are equally dangerous to your horses, as they may carry West Nile Virus. Are your horses safe? Read more below on which symptoms to be on the lookout for.



1.      Mosquitoes cannot breed without water:

Mosquitoes need water to lay their eggs- preferably stagnant water. If you can eliminate deposits of stagnant water in and around your stables you may get ahead of the problem.

  • Clean gutters regularly
  • Discard old tyres or anything that may trap water
  • Drill holes in any containers to avoid a build-up of unwanted stagnant water on your property

2.      Mosquito Nets:

These can protect your horses while they are in their stables. Your horse is most susceptible to mosquito bites when it is in the stables and resting. Fix all doors and windows with netting to ensure your horses are undisturbed by mosquitoes.

3.      Mosquito Sheet:

This is a sheet that protects the exposed top-line of the horse’s body. When paired with mosquito nets in the stable they should be well protected wherever they may go. For the best results, treat the sheet with Fendora 5 weekly (unless it is raining). The protective sheet is:

  • UV resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Repellent to mosquitoes when treated with D- fend 5

4.      D- fend 5WP (Wettable Powder):

Preventing breeding, setting up nets and covering your horse with a mosquito sheet are all good preventative measures. However, the best way to make sure your horse is completely protected is to use D- fend 5WP on the surfaces of the stables. It is a long-lasting repellent that keeps mosquitoes and crawling insects away.

The package contains an inner soluble sachet, do not touch this, simply place it in the spray tank and shake for 3-5 minutes to ensure it has dissolved and will not block the nozzle.

Once your horse’s stable and mosquito sheet have been treated with D- fend 5WP your horse will be protected from mosquitos. You can both rest easy knowing your trusted companion is safe.


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