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3 Ways to Feed Your Horse Electrolyte Supplements

horse electrolyte supplements

A race horse can lose a staggering 13 litres of sweat every hour! This causes them to lose essential vitamins and minerals that they need for their performance, such as: magnesium, chloride, potassium, calcium and sodium.
As the loss of these electrolytes can lead to muscle cramps, it is essential that your horse takes the right supplements to replenish these lost electrolytes.

How to give your horse electrolytes
There are three different ways to feed your horse electrolytes. You just need to decide which way works best for you and your horse. Here are the different ways you can add electrolyte horse supplements into your horse’s diet:

  1. Add supplement to feed

This is a very easy way to make sure that your horse consumes the electrolytes.
SWEATMIX can be added to horse feed. It is a concentrated mixture of body salts that prevent Alkalosis from developing due to the loss of essential electrolytes. See more here…

  1. Add supplement to water

All you need to do is dissolve the suggested amount of supplement into the right amount of water. When adding electrolytes to water, make sure you have another source of water available in case your horse does not like the taste of the electrolytes.
RECHARGE can be added to clean drinking water to restore essential electrolyte and fluid levels after any exercise. See more here…

  1. Feed the horse the supplement with a syringe

Using a syringe to feed your horse supplements is useful, especially if your horse has sweated a lot after a race or activity. This will ensure that your horse receives the essential electrolytes quickly.
When it comes to feeding the supplement to your horse through a syringe, Rigly Endurance Paste is ideal. See more here…

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