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Horses need vitamins just like we do. Race and performance horses have a greater need for regulated vitamin supplementation because the increased activity causes their vitamin levels to deplete faster. Regular doses of B-complex vitamins can keep horses in good physical and emotional health.

stride distrbutors

Stride was originally registered in 1998 when two companies created a partnership – Symbio CC and Veterinary Cash & Carry CC. Symbio was initially registered in 1983 but started trading actively in the early 1990’s and registered its first trademark – Rigly – in 1991.  

Performance and endurance horses, regardless of their specific sports, require a host of nutrients and minerals to remain in tip-top shape. While equine supplements and calming aids help keep your horse going, the physical exertion of their exercise can lead to a state of oxidative stress if your horse is not properly supplemented to prevent this.



You will have noticed that we mentioned ‘stresses’ in the title, as a plural. Rest assured, it is not a mistake, as there are different types of stresses that endurance horses face. In this article we’ll give you a quick look at what sorts of stress you can expect your horse to face, as well as some beneficial equine supplement solutions to help you and your four-legged partner overcome it all.