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Stride Distributors was established in 1998, when the products marketed by two companies were combined and promoted under the auspices of Stride Distributors. The range of products includes nutritional scientific concepts developed in Australia, USA and Europe to cater for the requirements of equine athletes or recreation horses. The primary objective of this company is to supply nutritional purpose supplements to the equine sporting industry which will contribute to an improvement in health or performance ability in the interests of horses in all spheres of activity. Many products have been locally developed based on proving their success under Southern African conditions.  The products are registered with the local authorities e.g.   Act 36 of 1947.

The company is a wholely South African enterprise committed to serving the Southern African market.

The primary shareholder is Glynn Catton who qualified in 1969 as a veterinarian and entered the pharmaceutical and chemical industry in the 1970’s.  In 1980 he established an industrial veterinary consultancy which has been involved in product registration plus the necessary trials to support a registration – from 1980 up to the current time.

Glynn Catton is a respected veterinarian in the industry as well as in the veterinary profession, and has achieved numerous awards for contributions to his profession and the industry.


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Our Representatives

Hi everyone
My name is Corrine. I was born in Bizana and grew up in Flagstaff in the former Transkei until the age
of 11, when we moved to a farm about half an hours’ drive from Kokstad.

I was introduced to horses at a very young age as my Grandparents had farmed in the Kokstad area
for many years and it was on their farm that I grew to love the freedom of riding bareback, hooves
pounding the dusty tracks with the wind in my hair. Never mind the fact that, being the youngest of
the horse riding cousins at the time, I was generally given ‘the moke’ to ride. We spent countless
hours on our horses, exploring every nook and cranny, jumping logs, streams and ditches and
swimming our horses in the dams….we did it all.

In my 20’s I was introduced to Eventing and spent a few years enjoying the sport with one of my
cousins and my sister in law. We were inseparable and nicknamed ourselves the Three Musketeers,
forever planning the next outing and enjoying the support of our husbands who would tag along and
support us time after time.

In 2013 I was introduced to Endurance riding & today I am blessed to own my own three Arabians,
Omar Saigon who is 14, Omar Casanova who is 9 and Omar Country Girl who is 6 years old.

Saigon, aka McNabs, has a big attitude, hard head and a beautiful heart. He is the patriarch of my
group who rules the roost and has a wicked sense of humour. We have spent many hours together
and know one another exceptionally well. He is the chatterbox who gives me a heart-warming hero’s
welcome every time he sees me and he is the mischief maker always conjuring up some new plan to
keep me on my toes. Forever quirky and comfortable in the fact that he knows he is loved dearly. In
2017 we represented KZN at Fauresmith where our team came 2 nd to the Springboks – Saigon ended
that year ranked 13 th overall, his greatest achievement to date.
Omar Casanova is always willing to please and he runs like the wind. He has been with me since the
age of 3 and throughout all this time has never once thrown a buck or done anything untoward. He
is highly intelligent and quick to pick up on things. He is the horse who hates having another in front
of him at a ride and often has me threatening to auction him off, sell him, or fit him into a bully beef
can during the first leg of a race while I am clinging on for dear life. Needless to say, he always
redeems himself as he is consistent and a really comfortable ride that seems never to run out of

Omar Country Girl is the new kid on our block. She has a loving nature but truly believes, when being
ridden, that everything is out to get her. She has moments of bucking like a broncho and can
sidestep a rock at the speed of light. Being young, we have brought her on slowly, ensuring she
grows from strength to strength.

For me, endurance is unquestionably about the love of my horses. All of them have been powered
by Stride Products since the very beginning and I have complete faith that these products enable
them to keep healthy, run well and finish strong.

I represent Stride Distributors KZN and have been a part of this special family for a number of years. I
look forward to a continued good relationship as we go from strength to strength.

083 3044 458


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I am Kate, and I am a born and bred port Elizabethan!

I have been involved in horses for 25 years and have been lucky enough to follow my passion through
from ponies to horses over the years! A little section A Welsh pony named, Tiny Tot, started my love for
these incredible animals and since I have had many partnerships on the outside as well as on the inside
of the competition ring! I have won many provincial titles through the age groups for Showing,
Dressage, Show Jumping and Equitation. I have represented the Eastern Cape since the age of 9 years
old in various disciplines including Showing, Dressage and Show Jumping, though as an adult rider my
focus is on the Showing discipline. I was afforded the opportunity twice as a junior rider to represent
South Africa and competed once overseas and once in Johannesburg for the two events. I also took part
in the various pony clubs and inter-school competitions over the years. I have more recently headed up
the Eastern Cape Showing Committee, become a showing judge and travelled all over for National
Showing Shows including Horse of the Year Show and South African Showing Championships.

My background has allowed me to experience and understand the equine companion as well as the
competition arena, in this it is of huge importance to me to have supplements and performance
enhancement aids that comply with the very strict substance regulations of our country. We need to
look after our four-legged team mates in the many avenues that they serve and Stride Distributors
allows us to do this in a healthy, beneficial and affordable way. I represent Stride Distributors CC Eastern
Cape and it is growing each day! I am very excited to be part of the Stride Family!

072 600 3058



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I have been with Stride Distributors for fifteen years. I supply Stride Products to racehorse trainers
at Randjesfontein and Turffontein mainly, as well as horse owners in and around Midrand. I deliver
products to Equifox, Western Shoppe, Solo Saddlers and Midfeeds as well.

I have been involved with horses from the age of 9 and have enjoyed show jumping, showing and a
little eventing. I ran a riding school with my sister Judith for ten years, and we sold the business
when she moved to the Western Cape.

I got involved in racing for a number of years and got to know many of the trainers and breeders of
thoroughbred horses. I am an International Showing Judge and have judged in all the provinces in South Africa, as well as
at three shows in the United Kingdom.
I believe Stride Products are of exceptional quality and have seen excellent results in horses that
have been on them.

082 454 3727



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Hi all horse lovers

My name is Tania and I’ve been an animal lover since forever, but I must admit that horses
have a special place in my heart. I was lucky enough to start doing endurance riding after
meeting some friends who were passionate about it. I wasn’t the best rider when I started
out, and was always the one who came in full of dust and a few bruises…..but I persevered!
I’ve been engaged in endurance riding for the last 10 years. Born in the Karoo and a
Kimerberlite since 1996 we’re very fortunate to have large open spaces around us which are
perfect for riding long distances. The yearly Faure Smith event is a must on our calendar
and I’ve completed 5 successful. I and my horses have been privileged to be part of
provincial team selections a few times for the Faure Smith as well as tri-nation events. As
me and my husband are also avid athletes, I’m aware of the benefits of supplements. Thus
it has been an honour to be a representative of STRIDE products for the last 10 years. I truly
believe that you can’t expect the best out of your equine friend, if you don’t supplement his
body’s training needs during vigorous exercising. I’ve been lucky to supplement and assist a
few clients from the Kimberley racing club, show jumping as well as endurance riding in
surrounding areas.

I’m proud to be a part of Dr Glynn Catton and the whole STRIDE family!

083 253 3739


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