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About Us

Stride Distributors was established in 1998, when the products marketed by two companies were combined and promoted under the auspices of Stride Distributors. The two companies were Symbio (Pty) Ltd and Veterinary Cash & Carry CC.

The range of products include nutritional scientific concepts developed in Europe and Australia to cater for the requirements of equine athletes or recreation horses. The primary objective of this company is to supply nutritional purpose supplements to the equine industry which will contribute to an improvement in health or performance ability in the interests of horses in all spheres of activity. There is also a range of pet supplements that specifically cater for dogs and cats.

Stride Distributors is also closely associated with overseas companies.

The company is a wholely South African enterprise committed to serving the Southern African market.
Stride Distributors is located at the Agricultural Research Centre - Irene (Centurion) from which point distribution of our range is effected, utilising a distribution system that includes equine retail outlets, veterinarians, general livestock remedy distributors and direct sales to equine and pet owners and their community.

A primary goal of Stride Distributors is to contribute to the advancement of knowledge of equine exercise physiology and apply this knowledge to produce products that can contribute to healthier and improved athletic horse performance.

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