Congratulations Sunette Burnett

Sunette Burnett placed 2nd in the 80km 

After being out of commission after massive shoulder surgery. Our very own Sunette Burnett took part in the Darling April ride 2022. Sunette placed 2nd in the standard weight category with her horse Perdeberg Shakira. 

What an amazing accomplishment. Congratulations Sunette!

Sunette states:

“1 st ride after 6 months being out of action Perdeberg Shakira did so well 2nd place on 80 km Thanks again for all your support”

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We regret that Glynn Catton and the normal team are not able to attend Fauresmith 2022. There will however be a Stride stand in the normal place at Fauresmith which will be manned by Maartin Engelbrecht. We wish to assure customers that good stocks of the normal products that are used at Fauresmith - will be available. But in order to assist in planning because we will not have the horsebox + space will be limited, if orders are transmitted to us prior to Thursday the 30 th of June, we will ensure that the ordered stock is available AND special prices will be available at the stand.