Corrine Becker and her horse Omar Casanova only powered by Stride products

One of our Stride Agents Corrine Becker from Kokstad says her horse Omar Casanova is powered only by #Stride products and currently is ranked 2nd overall in the South African Erasa rankings

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Corrine Becker states:

“Omar Casanova is only powered by Stride products. I use Tranquil as he is highly strung when he’s not on it, Amino B twice a week, Liquid SeeVitE as we lack Selenium in our soil in EG and started Elite Equine Digestive about 3 weeks ago when I tested him for an Ulcer. Since being on the Elite Equine Digestive he is not consistently trying to ‘run away’ from me & doesn’t get a runny tummy every time we go out.”

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