Fauresmith 2019

Follow the leaders at Fauresmith 2019

Thursday 4 July 2019 – DAY 3

#fauresmith2019 Most senior rider Claire Amm who has now completed 34 rides successfully.

#fauresmith2019 Best condition awards

#fauresmith2019 Heavy Weight Top ten .

#fauresmith2019 Standard weight Top ten .

#fauresmith2019 Top ten Light weight

Junior/Young riders #fauresmith2019 Top 10

Congratulations to Nico & Lara Meyer le Roux  siblings who came in 1st & 2nd both passed their final vet check #fauresmith2019

#fauresmith2019 2nd group of horses in after day 3

#fauresmith2019 First horses in after 200km

#fauresmith2019 Day 3 Category leaders , all the best today.

#fauresmith2019 Standard weight division leader Nico Meyer Le Roux who rode 2h5104m yesterday with a total time 5h58m01

Brrrrrrr it’s chilly! #fauresmith2019 day 3! Here we go! Day 1 306 riders Departed today only 200 departing

Wednesday 3 July 2019 – DAY 2

Day 1 + 2 Results

Heavy Weights

Standard Weight

Light Weight

Young riders

Child riders

#fauresmith2019 The riders shifted on day 2

#fauresmith2019 second group of riders to finish day 2.

#fauresmith2019 first horses in end of day 2

#fauresmith2019 First riders out on last leg on day 2

#Fauresmith2019 Horses departing on day 2 of the 200km ride

Congratulations to the various category leaders and all the best for today. 🐎🏇😎

Good morning on a chilly Wednesday! Ready for Day 2?

Tuesday 2 July 2019 – DAY 1

Day 1 Results

Heavy Weights

Standard Weight

Light Weight

Young riders

Child riders

Zelma Oberholzer the first horse to pass the #veterinarycheck after day 1.

End of day picture! A great day was had by everyone

Front runners coming in on the first day

The video below is of the 1st riders in after day 1

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And here we go! DAY 1! Departure of the first horses! Good luck to all the riders

Monday 1 June 2019

 Some pictures from the Parade #fauresmith2019

Here are the Vets for #fauresmith2019

Sunday 30 June 2019

Congratulations to all the Province teams. #fauresmith2019

What products to use during the ride . #recharge #invigor A&B#riglyendurancepaste

Good Morning from #fauresmith2019 

Saturday 29 June 2019

Our stall is open today at #fauresmith2019 😎 Come and get your essentials. Or just pop in for a visit!

#Fauresmith2019 Congratulations to riders selected for the National teams

Friday 28 June 2019

And we are off to Fauresmith 2019! Ready for the cold? Ready for the fun? Stay tuned for all the latest news RIGHT HERE!!! You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest


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