Energy to Perform: Feeding the Endurance Athlete

In addition to taking your horse’s weight and training into consideration when forming a dietary plan, you should also take athletic discipline into account. Endurance horses have somewhat unique nutritional needs due to the athletic demands of the sport which is why there are specific energy management techniques that can be taken to ensure optimal performance. The depletion of energy reserves, dehydration, and electrolyte imbalances can all hinder your horse’s performance, therefore, peak performance is heavily dependent on sound energy management.

It is therefore important for you to consider the health of your horse’s liver when certain conditions could cause complications. This can be achieved through the use of equine liver supplements and by fully understanding the factors that lead to liver dysfunction.

Supplement Electrolytes

Through the supplementation of electrolytes, you are able to safely restore your horse’s fluid and electrolyte levels after strenuous exercise. Sweat loss during training and competition can cause electrolyte levels to deplete which is why a rehydration solution should be used following strenuous exercise. Recharge, a concentrated electrolyte solution which is formulated for dilution with your horse’s drinking water is an excellent way to supplement hydration. Due to its liquid form, as well as the inclusion of glucose and glycine, the sodium and other salts are rapidly replenished after exercise.

Maintain Balanced Levels of Vitamins and Minerals

Endurance horses, or any horse undergoing regular strenuous exercise, require higher levels of vitamins and minerals than horses at rest. Using equine feed supplements, your horse will be supplemented with the vitamins and minerals required to repair and maintain correct body system functions, especially when strenuous exercise is demanded of them. Concentrated vitamin and mineral supplements provide extra nutrients to meet the demands placed on endurance athletes.

Combine Oils

Horses utilise oil more efficiently to produce energy than carbohydrates. It is therefore beneficial to combine your horse’s sources of energy with additional energy fuel which has been prepared to be readily absorbed. Rigly Ener-Gee is a paste which has been carefully and specifically formulated to provide a safe and effective source of energy for horses. Through the combination of a special blend of oils and two sources of carbohydrates, your horse is given both a rapid and a slower release of energy, preventing insulin spikes and providing a sustained release of energy.

For some guidelines to help you to supplement your performance horse correctly – to ensure optimal performance and prevent dehydration and fatigue – please refer to Stride’s website –

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