Dealing with Suspected Liver Damage in Horses

A horse’s liver is similar to our own in function, it is a vital organ that processes the blood, by filtering out the toxins, before it is recycled back into the body. The liver is therefore the main filter of all things toxic which the body contracts through bacteria or other toxins. The liver also produces bile which aids digestion, and because horses do not have a gall bladder, their liver needs to perform at optimal levels to continue the production of bile.

It is therefore important for you to consider the health of your horse’s liver when certain conditions could cause complications. This can be achieved through the use of equine liver supplements and by fully understanding the factors that lead to liver dysfunction.

Understanding the Function of your Horse’s Liver

Your horse’s liver serves to break down worn out red blood cells, along with serving the following functions:

  • Processing nutrients from food
  • Producing proteins and bile
  • Storing glucose, vitamins, and minerals
  • Maintaining immune function
  • Removing toxins from the blood

Your horse’s liver also plays a pivotal role in metabolism. It stores excess glucose from meals as glycogen, converting it back to glucose when blood levels drop below normal. This is important to consider when you are looking at the energy sources and requirements of performance horses.

Factors which Impair the Function of the Liver

There are various possible causes for impaired function of the liver and possible, long-term damage. These include certain bacteria, the ingestion of toxic plants or other toxins, biliary stones, parasites, and more. Should your horse be recovering from biliary, or has been exposed to various medication or plant toxins, as well as other effects of stress and disease, you may need to use equine liver supplements to assist the liver with detoxification.

Horse Supplements to Stimulate Liver Cell Production

In times of overload and when presented with the above factors, your horse’s liver can be helped to return to optimal function using equine liver supplements in the form of Rigly Liver Tonic and Amino-B. Rigly Liver Tonic can enhance the functioning of the liver by supplying ingredients that help the liver to detoxify any challenge factors. Liver tonics help by stimulating liver cell production in order to help your horse’s liver to restore itself.

Amino-B is a quicker reactive for compromised livers, which is why it is very effective when used after impaired function. Amino-B also acts as a powerful energy stimulant which is why it is recommended that you stick to the dosage instructions.

Stride Distributors, performance horse supplements distributor in South Africa, offers Rigly Liver Tonic and Amino-B which should be used to supplement your horse when liver functionality has been compromised. 

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